Tactile Sensory Communication

Liber8 Counselling Service Ltd offer Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners (TaSSeLs), a tactile counselling method to individuals of any age that have profound and complex disabilities, and have limited ability to process and understanding information. Touch is recognised as a vital channel of communication from the earliest developmental stages. This tactile system uses touch to promote effective communication with people who have profound and complex disabilities, a number of whom may also have severe visual and hearing impairments.

Tactile counselling promotes effective communication regardless of ethnic, cultural or linguistic background.  Disability, learning difficulty and limited language do not prevent a person from participating in counselling, but many services lack experience so have difficulty offering the flexibility and understanding required. This TaSSeLs system has a wide application and may be used by a range of professionals in education, support, and therapy; nursery nurses, pre-school support assistants, support workers, social workers, visual impairment practitioners, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, parents, family members and carers that wish to expand their communication skills with learning disability or people with head injuries or recovering from a stroke.

Liber8 counsellors regularly hold training courses to interested groups or individuals.
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