Services - Clinical Supervision

We offer clinical supervision using the seven-eyed model.
Supervision is an ethical must, it emphasises professional growth through relating and reflecting, and how individuals are connected in patterns of interaction, which will be sustained by the way communication flows between them.

To describe the seven different eyes:
1. Focus on the Client and what and how they present. Focusing on what happened in the sessions with the client.

2. Focusing on Interventions. Developing alternative strategies and interventions

3. Focusing on Client-Therapist Relationship. Assisting the therapist gain greater insight and understanding of the dynamics of their relationships with their clients.

4. Focusing on Therapist’s Process. The focus is on how the therapist is consciously and unconsciously affected by the work with their clients, and how they deal with this. It includes focusing on the therapist’s emotional reactions and counter transference; on their development and how they resource themselves. 

5. Focusing on Therapist-Supervisor Relationship. Exploring how the therapist-supervisor relationship might be unconsciously playing out or paralleling the hidden dynamics of the work with the clients

6. The Supervisor focusing on their own process. The supervisor pays attention to their immediate experiences in the supervision session – what feelings, thoughts and images are emerging for them while listening to the therapist and in response to the material shared by the therapist.

7. Focusing on the Wider Context in which the work happens. Taking into consideration the context of the client – client’s family, social, cultural and economic context.
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